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Founded in 2005, Shenzhen Zhonghenghua Technology is specialized in manufacturing and selling digital entertainment products. Our main products include MP3/MP4 players, portable mini speakers, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks and action cameras which are mainly exported to Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Semi-automatic Production Lines and Reliable Suppliers Our 3,000-square-meter factory is equipped with advanced SMT machines, high-frequency heat sealing machines and high-temperature aging test lines. We also have eight semi-automatic production lines. Our raw materials which are sourced from over 50 reliable suppliers, meet AQL standards. With such support, we can turn out 80,000 selfie sticks, and 80,000 portable mini speakers, Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth products monthly. Five to Eight New Items Every Month Our 15 R&D engineers, with four to five years of experience, can release five to eight new products monthly and make a new product within 30 days in accordance with your requirements. Performing Strict Quality Control Measures We also have 20 QC auditors with three to five years of experience. They ensure all our products are manufactured accurately. Because of their thoroughness, we have a return rate of less than one percent. To ensure total customer satisfaction, all our products are compliant with CE, RoHS and FCC standards, and carry a warranty period of one year. Supplying to Many Famous Brands Our products are mainly exported to the US, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. In fact, we are supplying to Rovio's Angry Bird. To benefit from our products and services, contact us today.


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